Adam Marrs publishes on multiview rendering

Student Adam Marrs presented his paper Real-Time View Independent Rasterization for Multi-View Rendering at Eurographics 2017 in Lyon, France! 


Real-Time View Independent Rasterization for Multi-View Rendering
Adam Marrs, Benjamin Watson, and Christopher G. Healey

Proc. Eurographics 2017 short papers, April 25, Lyon, France.

Existing graphics hardware parallelizes view generation poorly, placing many multi-view effects – such as soft shadows, defocus blur, and reflections – out of reach for real-time applications. We present emerging solutions that address this problem using a high density point set tailored per frame to the current multi-view configuration, coupled with relatively simple reconstruction kernels. Points are a more flexible rendering primitive, which we leverage to render many high resolution views in parallel. Preliminary results show our approach accelerates point generation and the rendering of multi-view soft shadows up to 9x.