Our team

We are a diverse group that tries to remember that we all have lives outside of the lab. We make sure we get to know not only the work we all do, but also a bit about the lives we all live.

Below we list members present and past, beginning with lab lead Professor Watson, and continuing with doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students.


Benjamin Watson

Professor Watson founded the VX Lab at NC State in 2006; it had prior incarnations at Northwestern and U. Alberta.


Ajinkya Gavane

Started in fall 2016, studying point-based and multiview rendering.

Chung-Che Hsiao

Started in fall 2016, studying alternative rendering and display.


Holle Christensen

A senior student studying machine learning for user experience.

Adam Marrs

He's almost done! Studying point-based and multiview rendering.


Juhee Bae

Graduated in 2015. Studied graph visualization and visual hierarchy. Currently a postdoc at University of Skövde AI Lab.

Conrad Albrecht-Buehler

Graduated in 2007. Studied text visualization. Currently interaction design lead at BMW.


Pin Ren

Graduated in 2007. Studied security visualization. Currently an associate professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China.

Abhinav Dayal

Graduated in 2006. Studied alternative forms of rendering. Currently a professor at Vishnu Institute of Technology, India.


Ehud Sharlin

Graduated in 2001. Studied tangible user interfaces. Currently an associate professor at University of Calgary, Canada.


Rachit Shrivastava

A current MS student, studying immersive interfaces for machine learning training.

Abhinav Srinivasan

Graduated with MS in 2016. Studied alternative forms of rendering. Currently working at Mathworks.

Chris Stroud

Graduated with BS in 2015. Studied mobile interfaces. Currently working as iOS engineer at Ticketmaster.


Alejandro Fonseca

Graduated with MS in 2010. Studied alternative forms of rendering. Currently working at Amazon.

Riley Benson

Graduated with BS in 2010. Studied text visualization. Currently working as senior ux designer at SAS.

Chris Sexton

Graduated with MS in 2009. Studied procedural urban modeling. Currently working as senior staff scientist at JHUAPL.


Dima Brodsky

Graduated with MS in 1999. Studied polygonal model simplification. Currently a software engineer at Salesforce.